Behind the layout and the decor that seems to have stepped right out of a dream hide talented designers. This decorators create a universe of prestige by being inspired by the personality of their clients. Nothing is left to chance, from door knobs to the furniture arrangement. It’s this perfectionist side, combined with a trained eye, which makes these professional renowned in the luxury decoration world.

Jacques Garcia, the unrivalled luxury real estate decorator

Born in Paris in 1947, Jacques Garcia has collected art since early childhood. He built and converted his first cabin at the age of 8. He took pleasure in unearthing fancy items that he could afford on a child’s budget. His fascination for art allowed him to enter Penninghen, the prestigious school of Graphic Arts. He finished with a diploma and more passion than ever before.

Garcia likes the “grand genre” style which expresses the incomparable elegance of the Belle Époque. For him, each project offers an occasion to have fun, to give free way to his inspirations. The architecture and furniture styles of the 17th century inspire him to decorate public spaces as well as luxurious residences.

The “Château du Champ-de-Bataille”, in Normandy, evokes the strongest sense of pride in Garcia. Among his most beautiful achievements, he also notes the renovation of the palace “La Mamounia” in Marrakech, the refurbishment and refurnishing of the apartments of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, at the Palace of Versailles. The terrace at the hotel “Le Royal Monceau” in Paris also bears his footprint.

Christian Liaigre brings the French deco touch in deluxe real estate abroad

Born in Paris, Christian Liaigre is passionate about French decoration. This interior design specialist plays on light to enhance space. For him, comfort is not assessed in terms of abundance but more in rarity. The properties that he has converted have a subtle note of luxury. According to Liaigre, it’s timeless charm (and not trends or fashion) which forges the magnificence of a good property. For more than 30 years, he has refined the mastery of his art. Each project is also made object of a requirement and a refinement of which he is the master. Most of the time, he prefers wood to create an environment of refined elegance.

He has left his imprint in the apartments of the singer Bryan Adams and the designer Calvin Klein. He is also responsible for the spectacular elegance of Vertigo, a yacht which has received a number of prizes for its unrivalled standing. His contemporary elegance of black and brown hues is admired in all four corners of the world: in New York (The Mercer hotel), in Paris (La Société restaurant), in South Korea (the clubhouse of Trinity Country Club), etc. The work of Christian Liaigre has left an indelible mark to luxury real estate.

Joseph Dirand, Alberto Pinto and François-Joseph Graf, decorators of luxury real estate

Joseph Dirand, Alberto Pinto and François-Joseph Graf also make up some of the big names of 100% luxury interior decoration.

Joseph Dirand plays on simplicity to create exceptional interiors. This French interior architect, elected Creator of the Year 2013, uses noble materials which, according to him, have everything to bestow a space with classical and chic elegance. He relies heavily on colours and contrasts, light and space, optical effects and purification to offer his clients an understated and sophisticated finish. He works closely with prestigious brands throughout the world: Givenchy (Paris), Pucci (New York), Habita Monterrey Hotel (Mexico) or even Rick Owens (London) to name just a few.

The fabulous apartments of the Tour Odéon (Monaco) are the work of Alberto Pinto (1945-2012) whose name was well known in the luxury real-estate market. The agency which he founded follows his footsteps by remaining true to his style: a mix of prestigious genres which can seem risky but which expresses an incomparable talent. For Pinto, it’s impossible to “design a narrow and close world” (sic). He has never hesitated to take on the challenges posed by large scale projects; whether the decoration of luxury villas, yachts destined for sale or prestigious hotels (for example, Seaside Hotel Palmbeach in Spain).

To conclude, François-Joseph Graf has an equal part in the biggest names of luxury interior decoration. He creates an alternately classic, baroque, contemporary world… La Mirande Hotel (Avignon), L’Ambroisie restaurant and Hôtel de La Vaupalière (Paris) are part of his most well-known accomplishments. Elegance, warm colours, noble materials and a real talent are combined to obtain stunning results. Graf has also decorated many Parisian and a few Provencal properties across France, his home country.