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Luxury real estate in Beausoleil

a city bordering with the Principality of Monaco…

Beausoleil is bordering with the Principality of Monaco, or rather with the prestigious neighbourhood of Monte Carlo. Beausoleil is located about 30 minutes by car from the international airport of Nice and 30 minutes by car from the Italian border. That’s why it is considered as an international city. Its access is very easy for a high-end clientele coming from all around the world. Moreover its proximity with the neighbourhood of Monte Carlo is a real advantage. Visitors can enjoy all what is offered by the city like the casino, the opera, the heliport or the luxury boutiques. This location offers to the inhabitants the possibility of enjoying the calm of Beausoleil but also the turmoil of Monaco. This position is absolutely unique and very attractive.

Immobilier de luxe Beausoleil : vente et location

… A wonderful setting

The city overlooks the Principality of Monaco and offers to visitors splendid panoramic views. These breath-taking views go from Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat to Italy. Moreover, the city is overhung by the park of Devens. This park is a wonderful natural site where visitors can take a walk. So the city is located in a middle of a remarkable setting between the sea and the mountains. This wonderful setting and the remarkable quality of life have already attracted an international aristocracy. That is why nowadays Beausoleil is a well-known city.

… Sumptuous villas with panoramic views

That is why the city is coveted by an international high-end clientele who wants to buy sumptuous villas with panoramic views. The views on the Principality of Monaco are the most spectacular and the most requested. Consequently, the international clientele buys wonderful villas in order to enjoy the calm and the safety of the city but also to stay close to the beautiful city of Monaco. Some of these villas are inspired of the Belle Epoque. They remind to the visitors the prestigious past of the city. So every year an international high-end clientele is attracted by the wonderful setting and the gorgeous villas of the city.