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Blog of Luxury Real Estate in the French Riviera

Monaco marche immobilier

The Monegasque real estate market is resisting the crisis

Although hit by the health and economic crisis that has affected the world since the spring of 2020, Monaco’s real estate market is proving its solidity and attractiveness. However, there has been a slight downturn in the market for new properties. The annual real estate study published by the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic S [more]
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salade niçoise et vin de Nice

The Salad niçoise & The wine of Nice

A love affair “What better gustatory agreement could you discover with the emblematic and very distinctive local dish that is the salad niçoise?” Some would argue that the wine of Bellet produced on our sunny hills on the plain of the river Var and generously crossed by the Levant, that south wind well known to our Côte d’Azur pea [more]
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santo sospir cocteau


“Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, myself, on this coast where Renoir lived, we tried to overcome the spirit of destruction that dominated the time, we decorated surfaces that men dream of demolishing. Perhaps, the love of our work will protect them from the bombs”. For years, Jean Cocteau will spend long stays in the villa of Saint-Jean Cap-F [more]
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pan bagnat

Pan-Bagnat: The Southern Sun in Your Hands

Based on round bread, raw vegetables, anchovies or hard-boiled eggs, this sandwich, also called “dish of the poor”, is a real traditional culinary specialty from Nice. Beware of those who would like to add fancy ingredients to please tourists such as smoked salmon, ham or mayonnaise! The defenders of its authenticity are fighting agains [more]
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sculpture bernar venet Nice

Nine oblique lines

Bernar Venet Bernar Venet is a French artist who is an adept of monumental steel sculptures. In Nice, it is undoubtedly thanks to his work “Neuf lignes obliques”, an imposing structure with orange reflections facing the Mediterranean, that he left his mark on the inhabitants. In 2009, Venet stayed in Nice, the city where he grew up, and met Christi [more]
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Palais Maeterlinck Nice

Palais Maeterlinck – Nice – A Côte d’Azur dream

Built on a four-hectare estate on the Cap de Nice, with 600 meters of seafront, the Palais Maeterlinck is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful residences on the Côte d’Azur. The Palais Maeterlinck is in itself a summary of the great history of the French Riviera… After a first project for a luxury hotel that was not completed at the be [more]
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cascade Gairaut Nice

Your villa in Gairaut – NICE

Nestled in the heart of typical Mediterranean vegetation, the Gairaut district, a former agricultural area recognizable by its terraces, is one of the most sought-after areas in Nice for the purchase of villas. Situated in a dominant position, the hill of Gairaut offers a breathtaking view of Nice and the Baie des Anges. A real compromise between t [more]
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grand hotel cap ferrat

The saga of the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat

In the heart of 7 hectares of verdant greenery at the tip of the Cap-Ferrat peninsula stands an immaculately white house. This splendid Côte d’Azur palace, perhaps the most beautiful of all, is adored by travelers from all over the world. During its century of existence, the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat has welcomed within its walls lovers of be [more]
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tramway port Nice

The tramway, a real change in the life of the inhabitants of Nice

It is on November 24, 2007, after several decades of absence, that the tramway makes its return in the city of Nice. Closed since 1953, the network is making a comeback to change the lives of the people of Nice. With the concentration of economic activities in the city center at the end of the 19th century, travel was exclusively designed for the c [more]
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What Nice was to Nietzsche

Miraculous light, colors, “Mediterraneanism”… so many words to describe what Nice was for Nietzsche. Nice Italian This city, which according to the philosopher has charm only by its Italian part, was his source of inspiration. He imagined Turin. He loved to hear Italian spoken in the old town. He had a real aversion to the French part of Nice [more]
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walk cap ferrat

Discover Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat by the coast, one of the most beautiful walks.

Cap Ferrat is a unique site by its preserved beauty; a natural and sometimes wild setting for the most beautiful residences of the French Riviera. The best way to discover it is probably to walk through it, following itineraries that reinvent themselves over the seasons. Let us salute the initiative of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Tourisme, which had the [more]
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wealth tax

Information from our notary partner – Wealth tax (IFI)

Purchase and ownership of a property in France by non-French tax residents. Wealth Tax (“IFI”) This tax applies to the net value of any real estate asset owned in France by non-French tax residents. In the case of ownership of French real estate(s) through the medium of a company, this tax applies to the proportion of the value of the shares furthe [more]
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Information from our notary partner – Income and corporate taxes

Purchase and ownership of a property in France by non-French tax residents Income and corporate taxes It is usual to recommend to foreigners for complicated French reasons an individual ownership or the ownership by a dedicated civil company named SCI (owned itself by individuals), as opposed to another type of company in France or a company in any [more]
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Information from our notary partner – Property Transfer Taxes

Information from our partner notary Purchase and ownership of a property in France by non-french tax residents   Property Transfer taxes Purchase of the property In all cases (individual or corporate purchaser), the sale of the property is subject to: – Transfer duties to be paid by the purchaser at the rate of 5,81% (notably in Alpes Ma [more]
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architecture Nice hermitage

Nice, an architectural heritage presented to UNESCO

Nice’s candidacy for UNESCO World Heritage status is as much due to its historical role as to its urban planning and natural site, making it a city without equal in the world. Architectural heritage Villas are the oldest form of tourist accommodation. There are still hundreds of them in the city of Nice, some are still visible in the city cen [more]
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Nice candidature unesco

Nice, the reasons for applying for membership of Unesco

The French government has decided to present, in January 2020, the candidacy of “Nice, capital of Riviera tourism”, for inclusion on the UNESCO world’s heritage list. “Nice shows that tourism, a major phenomenon of the contemporary world, whose excesses are so often deplored, can also be conducive to the creation of an origi [more]
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Le Regina Cimiez

Le Regina in Cimiez

This prestigious residence, visible from many places in Nice, thrones at the top of the Boulevard de Cimiez. It has crossed centuries, fulfilling various roles while remaining a landmark in the Cimiez district and the city of Nice. A bit of history After the annexation of the County of Nice to France in 1860, the Colline de Cimiez quickly became a [more]
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somerset maugham cap ferrat

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, from Cocteau to Somerset Maugham

The legend of Cap Ferrat was born out of a first-rate artistic and cultural life, which saw the succession of the most brilliant personalities of the twentieth century. At the beginning of the 20th century, the idea of winter tourism on the French Riviera was born. Attracted by its mild climate, Russian and British aristocratic families and new ind [more]
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monaco certificat residence

Changes in the regulations for obtaining a certificate of fiscal residence in Monaco

The Ordonnance Souveraine N° 8.566 of 28 March 1986 relating to the certificate of residence was recently amended by a new Sovereign Order N° 8.372 dated 26 November 2020. Order N° 8.566 now distinguishes the nature of the requests for the issuance of a residence certificate that must be made to the Public Security Directorate. Thus, the formalitie [more]
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Chèvre d'Or

La Chèvre d’Or in Eze, a worldwide reference

The Château de La Chèvre d’Or was awarded the title of Best Hotel Resort in France by the Travel & Leisure World’s Best Awards 2020. The famous American magazine Travel+Leisure has just unveiled in its summer edition the World’s Best Awards 2020 awarded by its readers. Recognized as the Best Hotel Resort in France among a sele [more]
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gorges du verdon


Guaranteed change of scenery Reputed to form the most beautiful canyon in Europe, the Gorges du Verdon is an ideal tourist destination for those who love a change of scenery. Carved out by the Verdon River, they form the border between the departments of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the Var and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. With a depth [more]
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baron haussmann

The Residences of Parc Haussmann

This prestigious residence on Mont-Boron, with swimming pool and landscaped park, is located on the site of the former winter villa of Baron Haussmann. The Villa Haussmann is one of the major milestones in the great history of the Côte d’Azur. Built on Mont-Boron by Baron Haussmann (1809-1891), the legendary prefect of the Seine who forever t [more]
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anton tchekhov nice

Anton Tchekhov in Nice

After spending Easter in the Russian church three years earlier, in 1891, Tchekhov returned to Nice. It is at the Russian Pension located at the Musicians district, an institution which has since become the Oasis Hotel, where Mrs. Krougopoleva, the owner, will welcome him. Tchekhov arrives with idle intention and above all to read and enjoy the cli [more]
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Wealth Tax (“IFI”)

This tax applies to the net value of any real estate asset owned in France by non-French tax residents.  In the case of ownership of French real estate(s) through the medium of a company, this tax applies to the proportion of the value of the shares further to the property ratio out of the full company’s assets (i.e. French real estate property / d [more]
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Property purchase in France and Transfer taxes

Purchase of the property: in all cases (individual or corporate purchaser), the sale of the property is subject to: Transfer duties to be paid by the purchaser at the rate of 5,81% (notably in Alpes Maritimes department) of the price, OR, rarely to: VAT at the rate of 20,00%, included in the sale price and to be paid by the seller, in case the ...
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Is it a good idea to have a permanent residence in a French SCI?

Owning the main residence through a non-trading property company (SCI) may cause the owner to lose certain civil and tax advantages that he would enjoy if he owned it directly. Thus, the spouse may lose, if he or she is not a partner, the benefit of the protection on the family home. He or she has no occupancy title or right to a lease, ...
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villefranche city

The history of Villefranche sur Mer

From the end of the 18th century, the strategic interest of the Villefranche harbour attracted the Russian maritime authorities of the time who anchored there at every conflict with Turkey. A consulate already existed in Nice at that time. The Russian presence in Villefranche sur mer : a military interest in the first instance In 1749, Jean-Michel [more]
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compagny sci

Taxation applicable to the disposal of real estate in France through a company

The SCI (Société Civile Immobilière) is often presented for its governance advantages when acquiring a property. While it is naturally subject to income tax, it is also possible to prefer the french corporate income tax regime, both regimes having advantages and disadvantages. Through a SCI Firstly, with regard to the SCI subject to income tax, it [more]
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Brexit: what will be the tax treatment of real estate capital gains made in France by British residents ?

At midnight on January 31 2020, the United Kingdom officially withdrew from the European Union. A transition period has therefore begun and should continue until December 31 2020 in order to draw the future relationship between the United Kingdom and Europe. It is only at the end of this transition period that European Union law will cease to apply [more]
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Investment in France by foreigners or non-residents: what the French Notary can do for you

The Notary’s assistance is crucial to allow a safe transfer of ownership and also for the client’s guidance: to determine the most adapted structure to purchase a property and the capacity to understand different cultures and psychological aspects. A  Notary  and  a  Lawyer  with  such  understanding  will  bring  that  “plus” making the transactio [more]
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French Real estate market : who have been the foreigners investing in France in 2018 ?

Non-resident foreigners, residents and French expatriates acquired more than 17.7 billion euros of real estate indicates the presentation of BNP Paribas International Buyers, in the 11th edition of its Observatory of the market for property buyers in France. A market that grew in 2018 (+6%), particularly for resident foreigners (+8%). A market that [more]
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The new law on real estate capital gains taxation

Since January 1st 2019, the sale of real estate located in France by persons covered by the social security system of a State of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland and who is not covered by a compulsory French social security regime is now exempt from « CSG » and « CRDS » on capital gains. In France, taxation on real esta [more]
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The Monaco grand prix: a runner’s performance

The Monaco Grand Prix has been organised since 1929 by the Automobile Club de Monaco. The circuit is located on the small territory of the Principality of Monaco, which extends over a narrow coastal strip that sometimes rises almost vertically. This circuit, which is on the Formula 1 World Championship calendar, is considered the slowest and toughe [more]
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The blue chairs of the Promenade des Anglais

The Promenade des Anglais in Nice, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is characterised by the buildings for which it is renowned, such as the Negresco, the Palais de la Méditerranée AND its famous blue chairs. La Promenade is part of the history of Nice, but who knows the history of its blue chairs today? Origins of the blue chair It all began after the [more]
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Karl Lagerfeld and the Mediterranean

Karl Lagerfeld, who died on February 19th 2019 in Paris, was a regular visitor of the French Riviera. His residence was the famous villa La Vigie in Roquebrune Cap Martin, on the border of the Principality of Monaco. It is a prestigious address overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and located just above the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel. An ideally located [more]
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sole agent mandate advantages

The sole agent sales mandate: the buyer’s winning advantage

Luxury real estate on the Côte d’Azur, is more and more marketed by using a sole agent sales mandate. A system unanimously adopted in the Anglo-Saxon countries, and which is popular with buyers who already have international real estate experience. As opposed to what some sellers believe, by multiplying the number of properties put up for sal [more]
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History of Beaulieu sur Mer

Do you know the city of Beaulieu sur mer? This commune, which has managed to preserve its calm and charm of yesteryear so particular. If you want to learn more about its history, read this article. Beaulieu was part of Villefranche sur Mer In 1860, when the Kingdom of Savoy was annexed to France, Beaulieu became gallicized. Beaulieu at the time mak [more]
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Exclusive Mandate: more efficient for the sale of my house?

A seller who decides to use an agency for the sale of his property has the choice to sign a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate. We are talking about an exclusive mandate when only one single agency has the right to present a potential buyer.  This implies that the sale cannot be concluded without the intermediary of the agency. What is the poin [more]
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The Feng Shui: the art of well-being at home

You may have changed your way of nourishing yourself during the last years to more organic & local food?  You take care of your body with regular yoga or other sports?  You heal your mind with the meditation?  But perhaps you might have not realized how much your environment impacts you and all areas of your life? Feng Shui can help you feel be [more]
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Jean Nouvel and the Mediterranean

The quest of Jean Nouvel’s work is to create a unique concept for a singular combination of people, place and time. His contextual approach and ability to infuse a genuine uniqueness into all the projects he undertakes have consistently yielded buildings that transform their environments and indelibly mark the cities in which they are built. Who is [more]
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Chagall: Nice, Sun, Flowers

Marc Chagall lived in Saint-Paul de Vence from 1948 until his death in 1985. The French Riviera attracts the artist of Belarusian origin very early. He discovered the region in the 1920s on the occasion of travels through France. But it was only in 1950, at the age of 63 years, that he settled in there. He resided in Vence until 1966, then in ...
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Last will and testament : different types

Writing down your will not only allows you to organize your inheritance but also to express your last wishes. Writing a will is a voluntary act and allows you to bequeath all of what is in your possession, movable and immovable property, money etc. to the people of your choice. To write a testament, the protestor; the author of the will and testame [more]
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List of compulsory documents to be remitted for the sale of a property

You want to know the list of compulsory documents to be remitted for the sale of property ? Haussmann Real Estate give you all the answer. Your title deed Documents related to eventual works: planning permission, work declaration, plans, insurance related to works, declaration of works achievement, conformity certificate Name and address of your no [more]
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List of compulsory documents to be remitted for the sale of an apartment in a Condominium

You want to know the list of compulsory documents to be remitted for the sale of an apartment in a condominium ? Haussmann Real Estate give you the answer. List of compulsory documents : Condominium rules and division description and their eventual modification published at the mortgage registry Minutes of General Meetings of the last 3 years The c [more]
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The French notary’s role

Investment in France by a non-resident Real estate investment in France, particularly on the Riviera, is historically and economically very attractive: solid values, profitability, political and economic stability. Values are particularly strong in prestigious areas sought after by overseas clients: Close and around the Principality of Monaco, Sain [more]
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International Successions

Since the 1th of August 2015 new European rules are applicable in order to simplify international successions, with the aim to allow them to be treated with less delays and more efficiency. Before that date trans-borders succession were often governed by different laws. If a French citizen owned a flat in Berlin, it was necessary to open, after his [more]
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cimiez regina

Cimiez, an exclusive neighbourhood of Nice

Clearly, Nice’s exclusive neighbourhoods can hold their own against anywhere in terms of prestige. Nevertheless, Cimiez stands out effortlessly. Its natural charm is expressed with a fierce will to retain its values without damaging its luxurious standard of living whatsoever. Discover all the secrets that Cimiez, home to a large number of lu [more]
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Properties: the historic villas of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

The Côte d’Azur has always been synonymous with luxury and style. The small peninsula of St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is no exception to the rule as it has been the hideaway for numerous celebrities: monarchs, Hollywood stars, icons of the technological revolution, and more. Find out more about these opulent residences that have helped to forge the prestige [more]
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What is a notary?

The term “Notary” refers to a public officer who is responsible for the authenticity of the acts they compose. A liberal professional who completes multiple assignments. In such, they play the role of council to businesses and individuals: they give out advice in order to better protect the interests of these different actors in various [more]
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luxury residential real estate

Luxury residential neighbourhoods on the Côte d’Azur, from Nice to Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

Famed for its beautiful fine sandy beaches, the Côte d’Azur is particularly dazzling when it comes to its prestigious properties. As part of an upmarket real estate project, this broad overview of the most luxurious neighbourhoods will allow you to choose which one is best suited to you. Nice, the jewel of the Côte d’Azur Over the years Nice has cr [more]
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The differences between SCI in Monaco and in France

The SCI, as part of property investment companies, is a legal form offering several benefits. In France and in French over-seas departments it is created by a natural and legal entity regardless of nationality. However there are notable differences between investment companies in Monaco and in France. This article aims to show how they differ in Mo [more]
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Delve into the history of the Port of Nice Area

Tourism, fishing and trade, the port of Nice is the heart of many harbour activities; it is one of the most renowned ports on the Mediterranean. Its strategic geographic position gives it direct access to Corsica. The port is located in an area that is rich in history; its 18th century foundations have been excellently preserved. Overview of how th [more]
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France investment non-residents

France is an excellent choice of investment for non-residents

In recent times France has had a poor reputation with non-residential investors in property. They are suspicious of the French property market because of negative opinions chiefly from foreign media. In fact, according to comparative fiscal studies, France has risen to the best place among the most attractive countries regarding tax and regulation [more]
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The most expensive luxury apartment in the world is found… in Monaco

Although Monaco is the second smallest state in the world, it is the temple of extravagant buildings which are enough to make royalty and jet-setters envious. The Principality of Monaco is well known indeed for its properties which compete in prestige and splendour. It’s therefore no big surprise to learn that the most costly luxury apartment [more]
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Who are the “in vogue” French interior decorators in luxurious real estate?

Behind the layout and the decor that seems to have stepped right out of a dream hide talented designers. This decorators create a universe of prestige by being inspired by the personality of their clients. Nothing is left to chance, from door knobs to the furniture arrangement. It’s this perfectionist side, combined with a trained eye, which [more]
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Luxurious shopping streets: which are the most expensive per country?

Every country has luxury shopping streets that are chosen by the biggest brands. Their presence guarantees them that they will attract a certain type of clientele since each famous avenue is a major place to visit during a holiday. Standing for upmarket, finding yourself among the biggest labels of the world obviously represent a budget. Based on a [more]
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Luxury property in Nice: the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods

While the city of Nice has held its reputation of prestige for centuries, it has been updated by the city with new constructions and new modern equipment of the city’s apartments and houses. However, to find the best deals on the luxury real estate market in Nice, it is necessary to scout out the neighbourhoods which are the best of the high end. M [more]
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