While the city of Nice has held its reputation of prestige for centuries, it has been updated by the city with new constructions and new modern equipment of the city’s apartments and houses. However, to find the best deals on the luxury real estate market in Nice, it is necessary to scout out the neighbourhoods which are the best of the high end.

Mont Boron, the essence of Nice luxury

The Mont Boron is in fact a hill which towers majestically over the south eastern part of Nice. But it is also the name of the prestigious area which has grown up on its slopes.

From its privileged position, the area boasts a spectacular view over dreamy landscapes. The large area of forest which extends over 57 hectares is perfect for long walks, outdoor sports, romantic strolls and family excursions. What’s more, the peaceful surroundings offer the opportunity to make the most of the calm environment and guarantees privacy.

The heights of Mont Boron represent the best destination for luxury real estate in the east of Nice. The high-end properties offer many facilities and provisions. Whether it be a swimming pool, a tennis court, or high-tech equipment which will allow you to discover the comfort and ease of everyday life with home automation. Mont Boron will transport you to a backdrop of nature and tranquillity. This area is a particular favourite of Scandinavians, Russians and the English, as well as many other buyers from different parts of the world.

Cap de Nice, luxury property at the water’s edge

The “Cap de Nice” is an unmissable residential area built between the port and Mont Boron. It progresses towards the sea, offering the possibility of pleasant walks among the upmarket brands which are ubiquitous in this cosy neighbourhood.

Situated near from Villefranche-sur-Mer, the “Cap de Nice” is incontestably a place where life is enjoyable. The doors of the luxury residences open on to the heart of an area which is chic, calm, well-connected and known for its magnificent view over the “Baie des Anges”.

Port Lympia, luxury real estate of the moment

Port Lympia is the name of Nice’s port, along with its neighbourhood. It is located near to the Promenade des Anglais and Old Nice, making it exceptional just for its location. But its attractions extend far beyond its mere geographical location.

In fact, Port Lympia is an area which is trendy, full of life and activities. Fast-growing, particularly following the improvement recently carried out on the port’s basins, the launch of a tramline, the development of pedestrianized streets and the car parks, Port Lympia is known as one of the trendiest areas in the city.

The “coulée verte”, which extends itself from “place Masséna” to “place Garibaldi”, also contributes to the expansion of this trendy area which never fails to attract and arouse the curiosity of locals and foreign investors who are searching for authentic luxury.

The Promenade des Anglais, the heart of Nice’s luxury

The Promenade des Anglais (commonly called “la prom'” by locals) runs along the superb “Baie des Anges”. At the beginning of the 19th century, no one would have predicted that this unremarkable path would become world-renowned.

And yet, this mythical avenue where romantic souls meet is an area which has been enchanting people for generations. The proximity to shops, transport and the presence of historic luxury hotels such as the Negresco only reinforce the location’s mythical reputation, known the world over.

Cimiez, luxury residential in Nice

The Cimiez area is located in the north west of the town centre. It is built on the hill of the same name, overhanging the city. The majority of luxury properties in Cimiez are therefore well exposed with an unbeatable view. The trees, providing natural sunshades, add to the charm of the streets of this peaceful neighbourhood.

The distance from the tumult of the city centre, the proximity to prestigious schools and the Liserb Park all make Cimiez very popular with wealthy families in search of a luxury residence.

But Cimiez is also an area rich in history. Le Régina or Excelsior Régina Palace is one of the most beautiful examples. It’s an imposing edifice which was built in 1896, and in which Queen Victoria stayed on her doctor’s recommendation. Since transformed into luxury residences, this property is the jewel of this extremely luxurious area of Nice.

Whether you decide to invest in a large apartment or in a villa in Nice, these various neighbourhoods of great reputation will offer a guarantee of everyday luxury in a prestigious environment.