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The area of

The residential area of Cimiez is located on the northeast side of the center town of Nice. Cimiez is also the name of the hill on which a part of the neighbourhood is located.

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Set your foot on history.

In Cimiez you will find ancient vestiges and monuments from the Roman period to the beginning of the twentieth century. The Archaeological Museum of Cimiez opens on an ancient site where you can see Roman baths and the remains of Roman roads as well as a Paleo Cristiano baptistry of the 5th century. You can even attend concerts and shows within an amphitheatre at the Cimiez Arena. Every year, ‘La fête des Mai’ (‘ Lu Feast of Nissa ‘ in Nice) also takes place in the amphitheater of Cimiez. This traditional feast celebrates the spring in respect of the niçois traditions, with traditional folk dances.

The monastery of Cimiez dates from the Middle Ages and was founded by the Franciscan monks. In the church you can admire three works of the artist Louis Bréa. The cloister of the monastery dates from the sixteenth century. The gardens of the monastery house a rose garden and offer a magnificent view of the city and the seaside.

Cimiez is also a bourgeois neighbourhood. Many hotels were built in the Belle Epoque at the end of the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth century. These palaces and villas welcomed sovereigns and wealthy aristocrats from all over Europe

The Gubernatis Palace, built in 1680, now the Henri Matisse Museum, is a fine example of the aristocratic villas of the time.

The Regina was built in 1896 and was a refuge for the Queen Victoria. In 1930 the old hotel has been converted into private apartments.

The Alhambra, on the Boulevard de Cimiez, is an example of an old Moorish-style hotel.

What a quality of life!

Cimiez is a sought-after area while it is considered as a neighbourhood where life is good. There are many green areas, it is a quiet and safe area and there are very good colleges and high schools in the public as well as in the private sphere. (Colleges like Matisse and Roland Garros, and Lycée Stanislas). On the feet of the hill is located the park and Castle of Valrose with the faculty of sciences and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

Many liberal professions have settled in Cimiez. The proximity of the Pasteur hospital as well as the Saint Georges Clinic contribute to this phenomenon.