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Luxury real estate in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez a city known all around the world

Saint-Tropez is situated in the middle of a wonderful peninsula. This mythical city has become a key spot for international tourists.Saint-Tropez is a complex city, both simple and luxurious. On the one hand this city is attractive for its authentic charm. Its Mediterranean spirit is present in the yellow, orange and ochre colours of the facades. And the most famous of them is the façade of the church tower. On the other hand Saint-Tropez has several luxury boutiques and the port hosts prestigious yachts. These yachts are moored next to sailing boats and fishing boats. This proximity between these two universes makes Saint-Tropez a unique city very attractive for an international clientele.
Indeed the city is very appreciated by celebrities and a “happy few” came from around the world. They enjoy the prestigious brands and bring to life the trendy parties. Thanks to its crazy parties, the city is well-know all around the world. That’s why during the summertime, paparazzi’s cameras are riveted on the city.

… with very beautiful villas

Once in Saint-Tropez, visitors wish to buy or rent dream villas, which is possible because this city offers vast sites situated in the middle of a green countryside. Then, they purchase very beautiful villas near the beaches. They can be modern or Provençal style and offer big landscaped gardens with dream swimming pools. The panoramic views from these houses are amazing. Visitors can also enjoy all what is offered by the city like the restaurants and the luxury boutiques.
The houses offer to their owners the possibility of enjoying both a calm and safe environment and the excitement of the city. These exceptional villas are one of the reasons of Saint-Tropez reputation.

Saint-Tropez is definitely a prestigious destination for an international high-end clientele looking for luxury and elegance.

… or apartments for sale and for rent in the picturesque village

Saint Tropez is the ideal place to stay during your holidays or even live in all your round.
Beside luxury villas in Saint Tropez and surroundings, you have the possibility to stay in the old village in an apartment to appreciate the narrow streets and vivid colours and stroll around and smell the Mediterranean scents of olives, lavender etc.

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