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Luxury real estate in the center-town of Nice

Nice center

The city center of Nice can be divided into several districts. The ‘Carré d’Or’ (Golden Square), located very close to the Place Masséna and then going down to the Promenade des Anglais following its pedestrian streets remains today a coveted and chic district. We find in this area large gardens, many luxury shops and restaurants. On the other side of the Boulevard Victor Hugo is located the Quartier des Musiciens. It is a quiet area and still very close to the shops and beaches.

The buildings in these two districts are often old and offer beautiful architectural advantages such as high and moulded ceilings, stained glass windows and wooden floors. The so-called ‘palaces ‘ sometimes have cupolas and can offer atypical accommodations.

Vente Immobilier prestige Centre-Ville de Nice

The Avenue Jean Médecin is the main commercial artery of the city of Nice. Here are located the Galeries Lafayette and the covered shopping centre ‘ Nice Etoile’. The city centre is very well connected by public transports and the tram has many stops on this commercial avenue.

“La Coulée verte ” or  “The Promenade du Paillon”, inaugurated in 2013, offers a beautiful green space that connects the place Masséna to the old town of Nice. These gardens, located on the course of the River Paillon, form the passage of the old town to the more contemporary center of Nice. This space allows you to cool off on hot summer days with fountains and shady spaces. There are also different playgrounds for children.

Nice is constantly evolving and renewing. Many real estate projects have been created and others are on the way or will come soon. The diamond-shaped real estate project to link the train station to the tram station is far from receiving unanimous support. The diamond shaped architectural building will host shops, offices, sports halls and terraces and a concert hall.

So close to all amenities

Living in the city center of Nice offers valuable benefits. The heart of the city of Nice is very well served by public transports. We have already mentioned the tram but I also note many bus lines and the SNCF station located on the Avenue Thiers. It is easy to get to the Nice International Airport from the center. For these reasons, some people in the centre of Nice have made the choice to abandon their car.

From the city center, you walk to the Promenade des Anglais to enjoy the sunshine and sound of the waves. Who doesn’t get seduced by the changing colours according to the seasons and times of the day? You will never get tired of the spectacle of the changing colours of the landscapes and the view of the Mediterranean. The city centre offers many possibilities to spend time outside your home. There are many restaurants but also cinemas or sports halls, museums and libraries.