You want to know the list of compulsory documents to be remitted for the sale of an apartment in a condominium ? Haussmann Real Estate give you the answer.

List of compulsory documents :

  • Condominium rules and division description and their eventual modification published at the mortgage registry
  • Minutes of General Meetings of the last 3 years
  • The condominium maintenance hand book
  • A certificate mentioning the surface of the unit private part and the habitable surface

Important remark:

If all the above-mentioned documents ( list to be specified by the Notary ) are not annexed to the preliminary agreement or given to the buyer by the seller or the Notary, the start of the 10 days  legal  retraction  (cooling  off  period)  will  be  extended  to  the  day following the remittance of all the missing documents.

Other necessary documents

  • The title deed, the contact numbers of the Notary and the «syndic» (the company managing your building)
  • Habitation tax and land tax
  • The type  of  collective  heating  (gas,  fuel…)  –  description  of  the installation system
  • Documents related  to  works  in  case  of  modification  of  the  unit external  aspect  or  when  some  condominium  units  where  divided  or united

The compulsory technical file

Several  documents  are  compulsory  and  need  to  be  annexed  to  the  preliminary agreement and the sale’s contract. It is highly recommended to the owners to prepare this file at the time they decide to sell their house or flat.

  • A certificate of internal surface (Loi Carrez).
  • Energy performance diagnostic (DPE), showing  the  consumed  energy  related to  the  type  of  heating  and  the  isolation  of  the  house  or  This document is valid 10 years.
  • A document showing the presence or absence of termites effected during the last six months before the sale.
  • The buyer  is  informed  about  natural,  technological  or  seismic  risks  when  the  property  is  located  in  a zone  covered  by  a  plan for prevention of such risks :
  • Lead diagnostic if the house or residence was built before 1949.
  • Asbestos diagnostic if the constructor permit was given before the 1st of July 1997.
  • Gas installation diagnostic if installed more than 15 years ago. Validity 3 years.
  • Electricity installation diagnostic if installed more than 15 years ago.