Apartments for sale Saint-tropez

Apartments for sale Saint-tropez

A dynamic market

The real estate market in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez has expanded and many international and French buyers have been pursuing their desire to invest in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. The phenomenon has grown further after the successive lockdowns. Thus the real estate market in Saint-Tropez continues its positive dynamism.

Many people are looking for the ideal place to stay with their families or to escape the everyday routine and the demand for second homes has increased.

A dream location

Saint-Tropez, a cultural hotspot, enjoys a dream setting on the Mediterranean coast under the sun of the French Riviera. A place for the rich and famous, where the jetset rubs shoulders with the tourist who strolls by the port and where we breathe the Mediterranean with its colorful essences.

You will find many typical Provencal stores with local perfumes as Saint-Tropez is not far from the great perfumers of the hinterland.

The town of Saint-Tropez offers high quality restaurants for connoisseurs. The originality, creativity and authenticity of the flavors and the refinement of the preparation will amaze the amateurs of local cuisine.

A seaside resort, Saint-Tropez is also an original place for shopping. You will find here, next to anonymous designers, some great international names.

Your apartment in Saint-Tropez

Having your own apartment in Saint-Tropez means that you can taste the Tropézienne whenever you want, that you can come down from your home to walk through the colourful alleys in Tropéziennes and that you think of the famous scenes of Louis de Funès every time you pass in front of the emblematic places of the movie.

Entrust us with the search of your apartment in Saint-Tropez. We will be delighted to help you find the apartment that will make you happy! The apartments for sale in Saint-Tropez are located in the center or near the port or just a few steps from the beaches.