Villas for sale Saint-tropez

Villas for sale Saint-tropez

Sumptuous villas

Very popular, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez on the south-east coast of the Var is home to a high-end real estate heritage with many villas on huge plots with breathtaking sea views, infinity pools and extensive landscaped parks.

The natural heritage of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is protected to preserve its wilderness.

If you wish to buy a villa in Saint Tropez we can help you in your purchase. In Saint Tropez you can find large properties in very different styles, Provencal bastide or modern villa, located in the middle of the Tropezian vineyards or in the domain of the Parks of Saint Tropez or near the beaches.

In a preserved setting

Saint-Tropez, famous for its tourism, has remained an enchanting village where life is so pleasant. It is a place that does not reflect 1 art of living but several arts of living. Saint-Tropez is a concentrate of lifestyle. Here, people looking for authenticity rub shoulders with party lovers, and from the yachts moored in the port of Saint-Tropez you can see the Gulf villas overlooking the Mediterranean.

Living in a villa in Saint-Tropez is a privilege. Saint-Tropez is not densely built and the villas on its territory offer views of the Mediterranean Sea and a wild and preserved nature.

This setting benefits the exceptionality of the place and delights amateurs of high quality local cuisine and allows the inhabitants to find a wide choice of products of Provence, wines and liquors, perfumes and beauty products.

Saint Tropez has attracted and still attracts artists. You can find boutiques of famous names in fashion as well as boutiques that are less well known to the general public.

Its famous beaches

On its twelve kilometers of coastline, the town of Saint-Tropez has six public beaches, to the west at the border with Gassin the large beach of the Bouillabaisse, in the old village, the beaches of the Ponche and the Fontanette, after the marine cemetery the beach of the Graniers, in the eponymous bay, the long beach of the Canebiers and at the eastern end of the peninsula, the beach of the Moutte and that of the Salins, and of course many small private beaches, natural and artificial.