Guaranteed change of scenery

Reputed to form the most beautiful canyon in Europe, the Gorges du Verdon is an ideal tourist destination for those who love a change of scenery.

Carved out by the Verdon River, they form the border between the departments of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the Var and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. With a depth of up to 700 meters, the gorges can be very narrow with 6 meters wide in some places.

Only a few hours from Nice, it will then be possible to venture into this magnificent ecosystem where rare species such as the Asplenium Jahandiezil fern or a rare campanulaceae, the Phyteuma villarsil, live.

However, it was only belatedly that travelers discovered this idyllic landscape. Even the vogue for romanticism and the development of sensitivity to natural beauty did not change anything to this. It was only in 1879 that the Gorges du Verdon became known thanks to the description by the geographer Elisée Reclus and its publication in renowned tourist guides.

What makes this destination so attractive, apart from its emerald waters, undoubtedly lies in the many physical and sports activities that travelers can enjoy. Considered a “paradise of activities” for many, it is possible to paddle up the course of the Verdon by pedal boat, between the cliffs, and for the most reckless ones discover the gorges from the closest with white water sports such as rafting or canyoning.

An ideal place for Sunday walks with the family, you can also practice windsurfing, ride up the ridge road on an electric bike, climb the limestone cliffs or enjoy a postcard setting for a swim with friends.

Of course, for road trip lovers, there is a road that goes all the way round the gorges with numerous viewpoints for photos that will undoubtedly cause a sensation on the social networks: the Point Sublime, the Belvedere de l’Escalès or the Cavaliers cliff.

So why not acquire the property of your dreams in Nice, just a few hours away from this little corner of paradise?