It is on November 24, 2007, after several decades of absence, that the tramway makes its return in the city of Nice. Closed since 1953, the network is making a comeback to change the lives of the people of Nice.

With the concentration of economic activities in the city center at the end of the 19th century, travel was exclusively designed for the car. The establishment of bus lines, subject to the vagaries of road traffic, was not enough to overcome the traffic difficulties. Several studies on the creation of a public transport system with its own lane were therefore carried out: the first tramway line was created. In the space of a few months, 90,000 passengers a day were counted. This was the beginning of a revolutionary success story.

The first line, linking the northern districts of Nice and the Pasteur Hospital, was installed to serve the city center of Nice. On the strength of this success, in 2018 Line 2 linking the east and west of the city was created, immediately followed by the third line, which enabled the inhabitants of the “Plaine du Var” to reach the center of Nice in record time. From now on, the inhabitants of the port can directly reach Nice airport in only 25 minutes. Enough to make the VTCs shiver.

The movement of the people of Nice has become much more serene and the difficulties linked to the absence of a car, a distant memory. The tramway, which now runs alongside many areas of Nice far from the city center, has also made the city more attractive. Numerous renowned shops, restaurants and lively bars have sprung up in these districts now served by the tramway. Today, more than one out of three residents live less than 400 m from line 1 of the tramway.

An open-air museum of contemporary art

Much more than just a means of transport, the creation of the Nice tramway has also enabled the establishment of a unique collection of public art in the urban landscape, becoming the largest open-air museum of contemporary art in the South of France. Passengers can admire Ben‘s calligraphy and Jaume Plensa‘s sculptures while listening to the tramway’s voice announcements, recorded by Mado la Niçoise.

If the city has been able to evolve to meet today’s new needs, it is in fact a whole area that has undergone a lasting transformation: fewer cars in town, fewer buses, less pollution and noise… Our territory is asserting itself as the Green Metropolis of the Mediterranean.

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