A love affair

“What better gustatory agreement could you discover with the emblematic and very distinctive local dish that is the salad niçoise?”

Some would argue that the wine of Bellet produced on our sunny hills on the plain of the river Var and generously crossed by the Levant, that south wind well known to our Côte d’Azur peasants, is not a major wine of Provence.

Fine and subtly Mediterranean, this beverage “pampered” by Nathalie & Jean-Patrick PACIOSELLI, will delight you with its flowery bouquet of roses and violets from the Grenache grape variety, while the Braquet (a Belletan grape variety par excellence with the Folle Noire for red wines) will give the palate a subtle touch of liquorice and wild strawberry, leading to a long, savory finish with salty and mineral sensations.

There are only 300 to 500 bottles a year, depending on the generosity of nature.

Enjoy your tasting in the shade of our trees with their multiple essences of this sublime Côte d’Azur landscape. »

Antoine Soave – Oenologist