Luxury real estate on the Côte d’Azur, is more and more marketed by using a sole agent sales mandate. A system unanimously adopted in the Anglo-Saxon countries, and which is popular with buyers who already have international real estate experience.

As opposed to what some sellers believe, by multiplying the number of properties put up for sale in different real estate agencies, you do not increase the number of contacts with genuine buyers. In fact, the same buyers will see the property presented several times, which excludes, in their opinion, any feeling of exclusivity.  And this exclusivity is by nature one of the distinctive features of buying a luxury item, whether it is a car, a watch or a property. Rarity is indeed the best motivation!

Once he accepts a sole mandate, the real estate agent will do even more to find a buyer, in particular in terms of communication and file constitution. For the buyer, this means that he will receive very special attention and a high quality of documentation, prepared in professional and efficient manner in association with the notary, the architect and the usual counsel of the owner.

For the buyer, the sole mandate is also the guarantee of a serene purchase. Indeed, by having only one intermediary (the agent who has the mandate), he knows that his offer will be carefully studied by the seller.

This is due in particular to the fact that the real estate agent, who is fully aware of the seller’s expectations and the margin of negotiation he is willing to grant, will focus on presenting the property only to buyers who really have the possibility, and the desire, to make a convincing offer.

The exclusive agent is therefore a more efficient interlocutor than a simple agent because his proximity and trust relationship with the owner make him the ideal intermediary. He will act as an “accelerator” and “facilitator” of the sale.

Obviously, for it to be a successful project, the exclusive mandate must be given to the agency with the best knowledge of the sector and the expertise with the particular type of property.

This is also a common practice in Anglo-Saxon countries: buyers and sellers select the agency – and the agent! – who share their values and understand their expectations.

The issue is of particular importance on the Côte d’Azur, which is presented as an addition of micro-markets with very specific characteristics.