Clearly, Nice’s exclusive neighbourhoods can hold their own against anywhere in terms of prestige. Nevertheless, Cimiez stands out effortlessly. Its natural charm is expressed with a fierce will to retain its values without damaging its luxurious standard of living whatsoever. Discover all the secrets that Cimiez, home to a large number of luxurious residences, has to offer.

An overview of the neighbourhood of Cimiez

Cimiez is located north-east of the centre of Nice, standing proudly on the side of the hill from which it takes its name. The neighbourhood is built where the ancient Gaulish and Roman settlement of Cemenelum once stood. From its elevated position, the view over the centre of the city, especially the Old Town, is simply magnificent.

As the centuries have passed, Cimiez has continued to become increasingly dynamic. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Nice’s property market is experiencing a period of remarkable growth. New purchasers are attracted to this residential neighbourhood by the peaceful setting. Nevertheless, there is plenty going on behind the scenes. As such, the neighbourhood’s charm derives from its peaceful nature and its strategic location. But that’s not all it has to offer!

Cimiez: more than a historic district

The area has held on to vestiges of its past. The ruins of Cemenelum are worthy of note, including the archaeological museum, the Arena, and the Roman baths. As you cross Cimiez, you notice stretches of road that date back to this era. They are scarce, its true, but they lend this sought-after district its character.

From medieval times onwards, other buildings emerged, including the monastery, the Franciscan museum and its remarkable gardens. The Regina Palace appeared in its full splendour in 1896. This building has always been famous for its carefully conceived architecture. Its former guests include Queen Victoria and the painter, Henri Matisse. Still on the topic of palaces, there is also the Villa Paradiso. The Prix de Rome was held there during the Second World War. Later, it would serve as the location for the regional Conservatoire until its move, in 2006, to more contemporary premises.

When talking about a district built on the side of a hill, you would think that there is no shortage of greenery. And, in this case, you wouldn’t be disappointed, as Cimiez has its fair share of green spaces. The Arènes Park, with its century-old olive trees and their knotted trunks, is particularly attractive. The monastery’s rose garden, from where you have dream views over the sea, is yet another unforgettable location that you will never tire of.

Even though life goes by in pleasant circumstances, and the setting is unquestionably modern, the area still seems frozen in time. The residential streets lead to stylish shops as well as the premises of the teacher training college. Cimiez is also home to several high schools and a campus of the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. These facilities will delight parents who wish to provide their children with the best possible education.

With the streets being so quiet, retired people will also experience the sheer joy of life in Cimiez. The architectural splendour, the nearby services and facilities, and the comfort of Nice’s houses are irresistible.

Those who enjoy going out at night will also find plenty of hot spots, including bars and restaurants where shows are on the agenda from time to time. The many reasons why Cimiez is so attractive are obvious, day and night.

Cimiez is also renowned as an area for high culture

Cimiez’s cultural life has earned the neighbourhood a reputation that extends throughout the French Riviera. For example, as spring dawns, a popular festival is organised in this part of the city. This is the famous Feast of the Cougourdons, the traditional celebration of strangely-shaped gourds that are sometimes used as musical instruments.

The Matisse Museum, located in the heart of the Villa des Arènes, is open to visitors throughout the year. The permanent collections include works given to the museum by Henri Matisse himself, as well as donations from his heirs and works placed there by the French state. Nearby, you will find a place to live that suits your needs, with everything that matters to you, including the right number of rooms and the right dimensions.

Meanwhile, the National Chagall Museum will give you an insight into the artist’s religiously inspired works. Indeed, seventeen canvasses are highly explicit illustrations of biblical messages. The stained-glass windows and sculptures were inspired by the same concepts. Like Matisse, Marc Chagall spent many years in Cimiez.

However, that is just a taste of what awaits you in this district of Nice. Investing in an apartment or other property in this neighbourhood will give you many years of peace to enjoy, drawing on a rich past and a resolutely contemporary lifestyle.