Villas for sale Beausoleil

Villas for sale Beausoleil

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Overlooking the Principality of Monaco, Beausoleil forms with Monte-Carlo one agglomeration.

Bordering Monaco

At the beginning of the 19th century, La Turbie provided accommodation for a large part of Monaco’s working population. But Beausoleil will quickly balance the deal. Italian workers settled there as well as the European aristocracy. Beausoleil became thus a holiday destination. Proximity to the Monegasque border is a real key factor for people looking to buy a villa in Beausoleil. On the heights of the town, you will enjoy a view overlooking the Principality and the Mediterranean Sea.

The advantages of a villa in Beausoleil

Before becoming a municipality, Beausoleil, located above the Principality of Monaco, was called Monte-Carlo Superior. This dominant position offers spectacular views of the Principality of Monaco in the foreground and the Mediterranean Sea in the background. You will clearly distinguish the Casino de Monte-Carlo, the Hotel de Paris, the Louis XV, the Opera of Monaco as well as the famous Casino Square and not to forget a first-class view of the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The town of Beausoleil offers a high-quality living environment. Numerous green areas are spread out on the territory and show the richness of the Mediterranean vegetation. The Carob Tree, (also the symbol of the town of Beausoleil) is particularly well acclimatized to the territory and can be found in the heart of the Grima forest and on the heights of the Mont des Mules.

The town of Beausoleil has many staircases that have earned it the name of “Petit Montmarte” and its charm does not leave one indifferent. Passageways, squares and gardens and a Belle Epoque architectural heritage. The jewel of this architecture is the Riviera Palace whose facade is listed as a Historic Monument and its winter garden with glass roof are of exceptional beauty.

You understand; living in a house on the heights of Beausoleil allows you to take advantage of the sublime views in a calm setting and under the sun while remaining in the immediate vicinity of Monaco for pleasant activities in perspective.