Villas for sale Nice Fabron

Villas for sale Nice Fabron

A green setting in the city

The “Fabron” and “Lanterne” districts, which dominate the Var plain and its new commercial centre, are very popular with young executives. Indeed, most of the time, you will find magnificent panoramic views of the Baie des Anges and/or the surrounding hills at very attractive prices. Although slightly outlying, this district nevertheless benefits from the proximity of the main roads which make it possible to connect the city centre in a short time but also the large neighbouring communes, via the expressway, the motorway or the Promenade des Anglais, but also access to strategic sites also on the west side such as the airport, the Carros plain, the port of Saint Laurent du Var and the major shopping centers.

The western part of Nice is a relatively new district in the city’s development. It was only after the Second World War that the people of Nice, in search of larger spaces, ventured onto this hill near the banks of the Var (the former border of the County of Nice with the Kingdom of France). Indeed, at the beginning of the 20th century, “Carras” was only a small fishing village on the edge of the city. Farms were located in the higher, more fertile part of the hill, while the coastal moors were only grazing land, gravel pits and training grounds for the army. Farms and plantations have been replaced by villas with land or gardens and an individual swimming pool.

Fabron : a residential and calm area

The former “peasant” district is gradually becoming a high-end residential area, where you can build the villa of your dreams. Over time, some of them, in order to protect their integrity in the face of the region’s intensive urbanization, have grouped together in condominiums, in the form of residential estates, such as the “Domaine Saint Hélène” in the lower Fabron area. The more you climb the hill, towards St Antoine de Ginestière, Bellet, Colomars, the more numerous these villas are, and testify to a desire to maintain a way of life where luxury lies in the notions of space, light, and the proximity of wild nature.

In this residential and peaceful environment, you can enjoy the calm and fragrance of the gardens, while enjoying all the amenities. Indeed, these districts are like small villages with “shopping and service islands” located on each “plateau” of the hill, as well as many quality schools and several bus lines. The 2nd and 3rd tramway line will improve access to its districts and allow its inhabitants to be even more autonomous from their personal vehicles and from the city centre. All these qualities make it a very popular area for young families who see it as a quality location and will appreciate the outdoor playgrounds where children can gather around a large lawn, picnic areas, slides. In short, an ideal living environment to raise their children away from pollution and the hustle and bustle of urban life, without being isolated.