Villas for sale in Cap-d'Ail

Villas for sale in Cap-d'Ail

Immediate proximity to Monaco

Cap d’Ail offers an ideal living environment with its proximity to the sea, two beaches linked by a beautiful seaside path, numerous green spaces, all the sports, cultural, educational, artistic and medical amenities on site or just a few minutes away.
It is not surprising that many Monegasque workers have chosen the town of Cap d’Ail to settle in a quiet villa.

A concentration of Belle Epoque villas

From the Château des Terrasses to the coastal path, passing through the Mala district, you can observe the Belle Epoque heritage that has made the town of Cap d’Ail famous by offering a vacation spot to many celebrities.

In the Mala district, you can see the villa of the Frères Lumières or the Eden Residence (ex-hotel Eden) built in 1892.
Walking along the coastal path, you will also discover the Belle Epoque villas of Greta Garbo (The Rock), Sacha Guitry, Lord Beaverbrook, André Malraux, and many other sumptuous villas.

Where famous people spent unforgettable moments

Princess Grace Kelly often went to Cap d’Ail, she frequented the villa La Rondine, property of the director Everley.
Captain Edouard Molyneux, a great fashion designer of the Belle Epoque, built the villa Capponcina.
Mathilde Kschessinska, star dancer of the Russian ballet, who became a Russian princess, lived in two houses in Cap d’Ail: El Suem and Alam.
Gertrude Lawrence, an English actress, learned and prepared for her role in 1930 in Cap d’Ail at the home of the fashion designer Edward Molyneux, first owner of the villa La Capponcina.
Josephine Baker, singer and dancer of American origin, was the guest of Gabrielle Reval (author) in the villa Mirasol.
The Lumière family owned 3 neighboring villas in Cap d’Ail, 2 of which still remain : La Perle blanche and the villa Hélios.
Sir Winston Churcill used to come and stay with friends in the villa Capponcina and was named honorary mayor of the town.
Mathilde Jouve, alias Arlette Dorgère, showgirl at the Scala music hall in Paris, was the owner in Cap d’Ail of the villa La Dorgerette in the Palace Eden district.
Colette Deréal, alias Colette Denise de Glarélial, was a singer and actress who had a successful film career in France and made a few films in Hollywood. She spent the last years of her life in Cap d’Ail in the villa El Paradisio.