Apartments for sale in Cap-d\'Ail

Apartments for sale in Cap-d'Ail

The town of Cap d’Ail, a recognized stronghold of the Belle Epoque style, attracts an international clientele, whether in residence or posted in Monaco.

On the luxury market, this clientele is mostly made up of Europeans, Americans, Asians and Russians.

Independently of the exclusive geographical situation, with the proximity of Monaco, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle Corniche, Cap d’Ail is appreciated for its Belle Epoque architecture and its numerous classified villas, its beaches, its creeks, the steep relief, its lush vegetation and its tranquillity.

On the very popular town of Cap d’Ail, as sought after as it is confidential, offers are not very abundant, the demands are sustained and particularly in the coastal area (the Douaniers, the Pinède and the Mala).

Cap d\’Ail is known for its elegant and majestic mansions overlooking the sea, which once housed illustrious boarders such as the Lumière brothers, Winston Churchill, Greta Garbo or Sacha Guitry.

In emblematic residences in the noble districts there is the Eden Résidence, a former palace, overlooking the beach of the Mala beach, there is the Bois Joli with its swimming pool, the Résidence le Park with its 2 swimming pools, the Beau Site above the Mala beach.

Then above the low ledge, there is the Residence Château St Georges and the Residence Gardens Plaza.

In Cap d\’Ail we will also naturally find Private Hotels that the history of families has divided into apartments such as the Mirasol or the Primavera (residence built in the 30’s, of Greek inspiration).